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Winter Weather Woes

The dry winter season can be a nightmare for those with already dry skin. To add to worries of dull or uncomfortable skin, the cold weather can bring roughness with it. However, a properly tailored skincare ritual with L’Occitane’s nourishing products can help with seasonal dryness.

Step 1 – Cleanse Your Skin

If my skin doesn’t look dirty, it means I don’t need to clean it, right? Without an effective cleanser, impurities may remain on the skin. Just as it is important to moisturize dry skin, cleansing is a crucial first step for fresh and radiant skin.

For your mornings, a gentle cleanse may be all your skin needs to freshen up and get going. Trade in a traditional cleanser for a cleansing water to quickly jumpstart your morning routine. You can avoid stripping skin of natural oils, meanwhile still cleansing it of dirt, oil and impurities from a night of slumber.

The end of the day is here – and so is the time to cleanse skin of build up from the day. Worried a traditional cleanser may overdry already dry skin though? L’Occitane offers creamy textures formulated with nourishing Shea to keep dry winter skin happy.

Shea facial cleansers
Shea Butter Face Comforting Mist - L'Occitane

STEP 2 - Soothe Skin

Is your daily environment increasing your skin’s hydration demands? Face Mists are more than just “water in a fancy bottle.” They are packed with hydrating ingredients to help moisturize and soothe skin. During your skincare ritual, a quick spritz before applying moisturizer leaves skin feeling soft, supple and comfortable.

Midday Beauty Pick-Me-Up
Face Mists also answer skincare demands throughout the day. They are easy to spray onto the face and neck and quickly absorb into the skin, providing refreshment and radiance.

STEP 3 - Moisturize and Nourish Dry Skin

For dry skin, moisturizing is crucial to help fight dryness or discomfort. However, your favorite moisturizer can do more than just hydrate uncomfortable skin. It can nourish and help protect the skin.

  • Provide nourishment and comfort by helping maintain skin’s hydrolipidic film, a light protective film made mostly of sweat, sebum and water that covers the entire surface of the skin.
  • It is ideal to switch between richer and lighter textures seasonally:
    • Richer textures in the dry winter
    • Lighter textures in the humid summer
Shea facial moisturizers - L'Occitane

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