Our Secrets, Your At-Home Facial

Bad weather got you down? Pamper up!

Bad weather got you down? Pamper up!

Don't let getting stuck at home because of heavy snow or endless rain dampen your day. Bring beautiful skin to you with an at-home facial - travelling is not required! With some high-quality products and a couple of smart skincare steps, you can pamper your skin within the comfort of your home. Be your own esthetician and refresh your skin with radiance for the next time you head out the front door (that is whenever the weather decides to get it together)!
Tip 1 - Out with the old (skin)

Tip 1 - Out with the old (skin)

Adopt the gentle touches of a professional exfoliating treatment. Utilizing an exfoliating product helps remove the buildup of dead skin cells through the mechanical action of sloughing. No need for an esthetician today – your hands can do it all on their own!

  • Helps minimize the look of dull skin and unrefined pores
  • Helps increase softness, radiance and evenness of skin tone
  • Helps enhance product absorption Massaging action helps stimulate micro-circulation

Tip 2 - Fast-acting for a slow day

Face mists are more than just “water in a fancy bottle.” They are packed with hydrating ingredients to help moisturize and soothe skin, ideal for preparing for the next steps of an at-home facial. A quality face mist will leave skin feeling soft, supple and comfortable. Face mists are easy to spray onto the face and neck and quickly absorb into the skin, providing refreshment and radiance.


  • Skin immediately feels hydrated
  • Skin immediately feels revitalized
  • Skin looks more youthful and radiant

Who should mist?

  • All skin types
Tip 2 - Fast-acting for a slow day
Tip 3 - The game changer

Tip 3 - The game changer

Just as an esthetician would personalize a face mask to your skin condition, select one to use at home to target your specific skincare needs. Masks offer speedy and noticeable solutions and are the perfect product for a more balanced-looking complexion.

Looking for the full experience? Dim the lights and search your playlist for a soothing soundtrack to accompany your at-home facial, before lying in bed and getting some shut-eye while the mask does its job.

  • Provides an intensive boost to the skin
  • Best used after exfoliating in the evening for better benefits
  • Ideal to use before a special occasion or to start or end your week

Mineral Masks

Enriched with mineral powders, these are designed to absorb and remove impurities from the skin, creating more balance. These are rinse-off formulas, like our Peony Purifying Minute Mask

peony masks

Nourishing and Hydration masks

Enriched with ingredients such as Shea Butter, these are designed to add nourishment to the skin. These are “tissue-off” or “massage-in” formulas, like our Immortelle Divine Cream Mask, which can also be used as a sleeping mask.

Immortelle Divine Cream Mask - L'Occitane

Tip 4 - Your sauna-like experience

Facial oils help nourish and reveal the natural radiance of skin, leaving the face with the feeling and look of supple and balanced skin.

Our Immortelle Divine Youth Oil is a L’Occitane hero, combining the power of the immortelle essential oil and 7 different plant oils to help skin feel nourished, balanced, glowing and plumper.

  • A high concentration of plant and essential oils allows for boosted action
  • All skin types can use an oil to help perfect skin
  • Can be used on top of the Immortelle Divine Serum, alone or mixed into the Immortelle Divine Cream, depending on your preference
  • Melts into the skin leaving no oily residue
immortelle divine youth oil

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