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No matter where we live, we often have busy, hectic schedules. What better place to unwind than in your very own home? Why not give yourself a long-lasting spa ritual, right here, at home? You will emerge refreshed and empowered. Here are a few tips for a sensorial, relaxing spa day at home.

Golden Rules For A Delightful Spa Day

Discover a few tips to make your spa day go as smoothly as possible:

  • Select a comfortable, non-restricting outfit and give your body a rest. You’re at home so there’s no need to dress up.
  • Make sure you won’t be bothered: Start by checking that your phone is off and out of sight.
  • Prepare a cold drink before a hot bath: The heat can get overwhelming very fast! Try a spice-infused water recipe with mint, apple and cinnamon to chase the gloomy days away. Let it brew in the refrigerator for an hour.
  • Set your tools: Have fresh towels and all your beauty and bathing products at arm’s reach to avoid getting back out.
  • Dim the lights: Light a Winter Forest Scented Candle or use a Mas des Lavandes Diffuser Perfume to create a relaxing spa atmosphere.
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How To Prepare A Relaxing Bath

Preparing a relaxing bath

Bathing is wonderful for your skin, and if you do it right, you can reap many benefits. Make your bath a relaxing, aromatic haven: Whether you prefer silky water or a bubble bath, choose the texture that will delight your senses most.

We recommend Lavender Foaming Bath for a generously foamy bath with the added bonus of the soothing scent of lavender.

Make The Most Of Your Bath

Time for a scrub! The best way to use your favorite body scrub is before you wash, on dry skin, or slightly dampened skin if you’re more sensitive.

Looking for long-lasting moisturised skin? Go for Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Scrub, a rich and creamy scrub with 10% Shea Butter that helps get rid of dead skin cells without drying out skin. If you feel like trying a more sensorial experience, Almond Delicious Paste is made for you! Let yourself smell its delicious scent and enjoy its unique paste-like texture and the silky finish of almond oil.

Get into your bath and take your time to soak and relax, enjoying its aromatic scent for a while. Finish your ritual by picking your favorite shower gel to gently cleanse your body, and rinse with tepid water.

Extra tip: Make sure to scrub twice a week, but no more. Exfoliating too often may strain your skin.

Did you know? As a committed brand, L'Occitane is continuously and increasingly challenging itself to minimize its environmental impact, such as by offering scrubs made with soluble (sugar, salt) or plant-derived (crushed almond shells, apricot kernel powder) particles which are gentle for your skin.

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Pamper Your Body

Woman applying lotion to legs

Should I apply my moisturizer right after bathing? YES. Moisturizing after scrubbing and bathing is the best way to provide intense moisture – do it after every shower or bath. It’s very important in order to maintain your skin’s hydrolipidic film, to help protect your body and keep it moisturized.

Nourish and comfort your skin with Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream, a rich texture with 25% shea butter. For firmer-looking skin, try our indulgent Almond Milk Concentrate - a delightful, hydrating cream with the light scent of almonds. 

Extra tip: While applying a body cream, take some time to release physical tension by giving yourself a leg massage. This will also help your skin fully absorb the cream.

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Set the Mood

Wrap up a rejuvenating at-home spa day with products that will help promote relaxation and a moment of well-being. L'Occitane's NEW Art de Vivre collection brings the fragrances of Provence's warmth to your home.

The first step is to set a relaxing mood. Light the Cocon de Sérénité Relaxing Candle to fill your home with the calming scents of Lavender, Sweet Orange and Geranium.

Continue this feeling before heading to bed with the Cocon de Sérénité Relaxing Pillow Mist. Spritz around your bedroom to create a calming atmosphere. For soft and lustrous skin when you wake up, apply the velvety Aromachologie Neutral Massage Body Oil in circular motions to your body.