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    How to care for your feet

    Your feet carry you around all day long, so give your feet the treat they deserve. During the summer months, chances are you'll want to show off your newest sandals. But how do your feet look? Make sure your feet are well-cared for, or exposure to the summer sun might further damage them. Follow these simple daily tips for beautiful, stunning feet.

    Tip #1

    3 steps for beautiful feet

    1. SCRUB
      Use a foot scrub at least twice a week. Apply to dry feet before having a bath or a shower. Scrub it in gently with your hands for a few minutes, then rinse off. You can either use a body scrub or a specifically designed foot scrub.
      Podiatrists say the biggest problem with most feet is that they aren't hydrated enough. Use an intensive moisturizer after bathing and massage it in thoroughly. Use your thumbs to massage your arch in a circular motion. Then gently massage the top of your feet. Spend five to ten minutes on each foot.
      Treat your nails. Always keep your toe nails trimmed and cut straight across. Cutting them after bathing is recommended, as they are softer. Apply cuticle oil to your toe nails to keep them soft.
    Beautiful feet - L'Occitane Beautiful feet - L'Occitane

    Tip #2

    Foot care - Shea butter foot cream - L'Occitane Foot care - Shea butter foot cream - L'Occitane

    How to apply the L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot cream:

    1. Massage it in with your fingers, beginning at your toes and working your way up to the top of your feet
    2. Massage the soles of your feet in circular motions with both of your thumbs
    3. Use your fingertips to massage in circular motions around your ankles and Achilles' tendon
    4. Finish the massage by gently stroking your feet

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    Tip #3

    How to get rid of dry heels

    Uncomfortable heels are the result of extremely dry feet, and can easily be avoided by following these simple tips.
    1. Before caring for your feet, make sure they are warm and moistened: soak them in a warm foot bath for 5 to 15 minutes. You can use bath salts for added relief.
    2. Wet a pumice stone in warm soapy water, then rub it gently on the dried areas of the feet.
    3. Pat your feet dry. Don't rub them, as the freshly pumiced skin can be sensitive.
    4. Apply a rich moisturising cream on your feet. Massage it in to help release the tensions of the day and kick-start your beauty sleep.
    Foot care - L'Occitane Foot care - L'Occitane

    Tip #4

    Walking on the beach - L'Occitane Walking on the beach - L'Occitane

    Emergency beauty tips for lighter feeling feet

    1. Use correct posture. Stand tall and let your chest and head float upwards as if pulled up by a thin string.
    2. After a long day, massage your feet and legs with essential oils.
    3. Every so often, have a cold bath or shower to stimulate circulation in your limbs.
    4. Perform a relaxing leg massage with massage oil to help relieve your tired legs.

    Tip #5

    How to have shiny, healthy-looking, strong nails

    DON'T buff weak nails.

    DO massage cuticle oil into your nails weekly.

    DON'T use harsh, chemical nail-polish removers.

    DO incorporate a balanced diet into your lifestyle, so your nails look beautiful and at its best.
    Broken almond - L'Occitane Broken almond - L'Occitane

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    Shea butter ingredient - L'Occitane

    Your Feet's Best Ally

    With its creamy texture, L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream moisturises and helps relieve the feeling of tired feet.