Immortelle Divine Lotion


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Ideal for

  • Youthful radiance
  • Smoothing skin’s texture
  • Improving efficacy of Divine Cream & Serum

Application area

Apply to clean, dry skin with a cotton pad or with the fingertips, patting lightly, working up to the forehead. Avoid the eye area.

A super-charged toner that combines the unique anti-aging properties of everlasting immortelle flowers with the boosted effectiveness of 7 plant-derived ingredients. With its rich texture and subtle aromatic scent of fresh immortelle flowers, this softening lotion gives skin an immediate sensation of supreme comfort and leaves it feeling deliciously supple. Use before applying Immortelle Divine Extract and Immortelle Divine Cream.

Organic Immortelle Essential Oil
Organic Spring Honey
Clover Water Extract
Organic Immortelle Floral Water
Organic Myrtle Oil

Featured Ingredients

Organic Immortelle Essential Oil

Patented by us for its antioxidant and anti-aging properties, this essential oil from Corsica acts against the loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin. Lines and wrinkles look reduced.

Organic Spring Honey

Known for its soothing and nourishing properties, it helps soften the skin

Clover Water Extract

Known for its anti-oxidant properties, the water clover extract helps to firm the ovale of the face.

Organic Immortelle Floral Water

In combination with the essential oil of Immortelle, it helps to strengthen the natural moisture barrier.

Organic Myrtle Oil

Associated with the essential oil of immortelle, it stimulates the action of the protein of longevity cellular and so it helps to preserve the youthful appearance of the skin.
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Advanced Anti-Aging

The skincare essentials to fight visible signs of aging and reveal skin’s youthful radiance.


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