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Our world-famous hand creams, hand lotions and hand balms contain the exceptional Shea butter ingredient, ethically sourced from Burkina Faso and known for its soothing and moisturizing properties. Lavender, Almond, Rose, Verbena, Cherry Blossom are just some of the different fragrances available in our hand moisturizers. Their “petit plus?” The wide range of formats (from 1 oz to 5.2 oz), they easily adapt to your daily life and needs. If you’re looking for a fast absorbing hand cream that will leave dry hands feeling hydrated, look no further. We always have you covered with our trusted hand care.

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Discover all about L’Occitane hand cream category

Did you know that every 2 seconds a L'Occitane hand cream is sold worldwide ? At L'Occitane, we are proud to offer you the best of ingredients and textures to take care of your pretty hands. From hand cream to hand balm and hand lotions, we got what you need to take care of your hands all year long. Keep reading if you want to find out all about L'Occitane hand creams and which one suits you the best depending on your needs and personal preferences.

Shea Butter Hand Cream:
Let's start with the one and only, our iconic and worldwide known, the Shea Butter hand cream, one of our best-selling products. This hand cream contains 20% of Shea butter ethically sourced in Burkina Faso. But, what makes L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand cream so famous? Is its fabulous texture, fast absorbing yet hydrating and soothing. This famous hand cream comes dressed in a pretty gouache tube, its packaging takes inspirations from the paint tubes. Did you know that one is sold every 4 seconds in the world?! You will find this iconic hand cream in various sizes to match all your needs: looking for a nomad version? Try our 1oz option, whereas if you are looking for a hand cream to “dress” your bedside table, the 5.2 oz is the perfect size for you.

Now that you got to know our iconic hand cream, let us present you a selection of our best hand creams, and explain the differences between all of them.

We can divide our wide offer in 6 categories, the scented hand creams, perfect for the spring time, the light and refreshing summer hand creams, the fall hand creams, the rich and balmy textures for winter, the playful limited edition hand creams and our hand lotions .

Winter Hand Creams:
Winter might be the best moment to apply hand creams, as hands tend to feel dry and in need of some extra love and hydration. Shea Butter hand cream is a good choice for those looking for hand creams for dry hands, but if you want richer textures, we recommend you to apply our Shea Butter intensive hand balm, its balmy texture its ideal for very dry skin and feels cosy and comforting once applied, is definitely, the best hand cream for winter.

Don’t forget to also show some love to your feet by applying our Shea Butter intensive foot balm.

Spring Hand Creams:
In the spring, opt for delicately scented hand creams to celebrate the start of the blooming season, the rose hand cream or the cherry blossom hand cream are your best choices in the hand cream category. But if you want to transition towards lighter textures, our hand lotions are your best bet. Choose between Shea Butter lotion or lavender hand lotion, any of these hydrating lotions will do the trick.

Summer Hand Creams:
For your summer hand cream, we would recommend verbena classic hand cream or verbena citrus hand cream, both have a refreshing gel texture that will absorb quickly into your skin. Lighter textures can also be found in our lavender hand cream, pivoine flora hand cream or néroli orchidee hand cream.

Fall Hand Creams:
Kick off the fall season with almond hand cream or arlésienne hand cream to bring you some comfort going into the cooler season. If you find it hard to choose the best hand cream, we made a guide on How to choose the best hand cream. Or if you can't decide on just one, you might want to have a look at our hand cream sets, we offer a combination of our best hand creams.

Of course, taking care of your hands is not only about hand creams, and to go one-step further, L’Occitane has developed a hand care routine: first step, use our Shea Butter one minute hand scrub to eliminate dead skin. Follow with our Shea Butter nail and cuticle oil to give your nail cuticle and nails a boost of energy, finally, apply your favorite L’Occitane hand cream massaging it delicately into the skin. You will feel your hands soft, hydrated and beautiful after this self-care time.

To discover all about our routines, offers, novelties and products by visiting our hand care section.