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Discover the best of hand care products by L'Occitane, from hand soap, hand wash, hand sanitizer, hand cream, hand lotion, liquid hand soap, lavender soap to hand scrub. Our hand care products are made in France using natural ingredients such as organic shea butter, almond, lavender, verbena and more. From luxurious hand creams that will leave your hands feeling smooth and moisturized to French soaps for dry skin, we have all the essentials you need to take great care of your pretty hands.

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Hand Care Favorites

Our #1 Hand Cream

Shea Butter Hand Cream

Shea Butter Hand Cream

97% found skin was immediately soothed after 1 application.*

*Consumer test on 29 volunteers.

Shea Butter, a star ingredient

Women in Burkina Faso, Shea Butter supply chain Women in Burkina Faso, Shea Butter supply chain

Ethically sourced in Burkina Faso

L'OCCITANE is committed to more than beauty care. Our most loved Shea Butter is only possible thanks to the women in Burkina Faso, West Africa who produce this nourishing staple. Our story began in the 1980s with a dozen of women, today. we've built up a joint development partnership and a close, supportive relationship with over 10,000 women. Since 2009 our entire shea butter supply chain has been 100% certified fair trade**. **Fair Trade certified according to the Far for Life standard, available at www.fairforlife.org).

Learn everything about our hand care essentials

Just like the face, the skin of our hands is particularly sensitive, so taking care of this area of the body is an essential part of your beauty routine. By applying your favorite L’Occitane hand care products daily, your hands will feel healthy, smooth, hydrated and beautiful.

1. Let’s start with a hand care staple: Our hand soaps
There has never been a more important time to take care of your hands and hand wash regularly than now. This is why at L'Occitane we have developed an entire series of products to meet your needs. It is true that you can take the easy way and opt for our hand sanitizers, but we would advise to pair it with washing your hands on a regular basis. Our hand wash, liquid soap or brand new bar soaps with delicate fragrances should help you take the plunge. With new developed scents such as Lemon and Tangerine, Linden and Sweet Orange and Rhubarb and Basil these scented soaps will be your best allies during this time. If you are more on the classic side, we can’t recommend our lavender soap enough!
If you have already purchased one of our liquid hand soaps and kept the container, discover our hand soap refills for an economic refill of your favorite scented soaps!
Finish your hand care routine by applying hand lotion and voilà! You are set to go on with your day with clean and smooth feeling hands.

2. Our iconic hand creams, hand lotions and foot cream:
We could not talk about L'Occitane hand care products without a special mention to our best selling categories.L’Occitane has always been well known for its wide offer of hand creams, but the one that keeps stealing the show is our best-selling Shea butter hand cream. You can find it in 4 different formats and depending on your preferences, the nomad version in 1 oz up to the 5.2 oz version, perfect as a bedside table staple. Be warn, once you try it, it's hard to stop!

Aside from this iconic metal tube, we offer a wide range of other hand creams and hand moisturizers to please everyone.

During the winter, we highly recommend switching to richer and more balmy textures, to bring you extra comfort. The Shea butter hand cream is our go to choice, however, if you have very dry skin and prefer even richer textures opt for our Shea Butter intensive hand balm, enrich with 25% of shea butter, this one is our best hand cream for the winter. We know that during the winter months, our skin is exposed to cooler temperatures that translates to drier skin. Apart from taking care of your hands, remember to give some love to your feet, with our Shea Butter intensive foot balm.
During the summer, look for fast absorbing, refreshing formulas such as our light textured lavender hand cream or rose hand cream. We also offer gel formulas and for those looking for freshness, check out the verbena classic hand cream or the verbena citrus hand cream. For a delicate fragrance on your hands, we recommend our scented hand creams: almond hand cream, cherry blossom hand cream, just to name a few!

Still indecise on which one to choose from? We recommend you our how to choose the best hand cream for you guide.

Wondering if we offer hand care for men ? Our hand creams for men or hand lotions for men combine hydration and fast-absorbing benefits, for nice looking hands.

Don't forget to check out our limited editions too, that's where we get to be the most creative, not only fragrance wise but especially formulation wise. Ever heard about our limited edition whipped hand creams?

3. Our hand treatments: Cuticle oil, hand scrub or exfoliating soap
Taking care of your skin also means paying attention to your nails. For nice hands, take care of your nail cuticles using l'Occitane's nail oil and cuticle oil, which will give them strength and vitality. This nourishing oil based on shea butter will allow you to find smooth, strong and radiant nails. By applying this magical hand treatment every day for several weeks your nails will be strengthened and your cuticles softened.

Also, for softer, beautiful looking hands do not forget this important step: Use our beloved Shea butter one minute hand scrub or our lavender exfoliating soap to remove dead skin on hands.


*Consumer test on 31 women over 8 weeks

*Efficacy test on 11 volunteers