Aromachologie Repairing Shampoo

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  • Volume
    Large - 16.9 fl. oz

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Ideal for

  • Dry and damaged hair
  • Split ends
  • Strengthening hair

Application area

Gently massage into scalp with fingertips to activate microcirculation.

With its gel texture, this shampoo cleanses hair, and helps repair and strengthen dry, brittle and damaged hair. From root to tip, the hair fiber seems strengthened. Silky and radiant with vitality, hair reveals its natural shine. The new formula contains a repairing complex with a blend of essential oils, composed of Angelica, with anti-breakage patented efficacy.HAIR IS 3X* STRONGER, SPLIT ENDS ARE 3X* MORE REPAIRED*Instrumental tests on the Intensive Repair routine (shampoo, conditioner and mask), compared with untreated hair.The cocktail of 5 essential oils (ylang-ylang, sweet orange, lavender, geranium, and angelica) promises a pleasant sensory experience, while the exquisite scent awakens the senses.User Test Satisfaction:- Upon application, hair is plumped (94%)* and smoothed (82%)*.- After one month, hair is less fragile (91%)*.*Satisfaction test over 33 volunteers.

Lavender Essential Oil
Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Geranium Flowers Essential Oil
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Featured Ingredients

Lavender Essential Oil

Known for its soothing and purifying properties, this essential oil is very popular for its relaxing scent.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Known for its soothing and relaxing properties.

Geranium Flowers Essential Oil

Known for its purifying and astringent properties.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Known for its harmonizing and soothing properties.
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