Plant A Tree, Plant Beauty

Our story has always been inextricably linked to our natural environment. We celebrate nature and our mission is to give back to it for the generations to come.

This year, L’OCCITANE partnered with PUR Projet in an effort to preserve biodiversity beyond Provence and the Mediterranean by planting 10,000 native trees across North America.

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1 = 1 GOAL

For each purchase of a holiday limited edition from October 23rd to November 26th, we donated $1 towards our goal of planting 10,000 trees in California and Ontario.

The planting of trees not only benefits the ecosystem but local communities, as it helps preserve natural resources, prevents soil erosion and creates animal habitats.

Holiday Limited Editions


In Partnership with PUR Projet

PUR Projet is a social business that works in partnership with companies to fight deforestation and climate change. Its mission is to engage with communities and companies in the long term transformation of their practices for resilient ecosystems and improved livelihoods.


L'Occitane best sellers

Our Goal: Protect 1, 000 species and varieties of plants by 2025

At L’Occitane, we are fascinated by the power of nature and its ability to surprise and teach us. This is why we want to make a real difference in protecting biodiversity over the long term, both near and far, through concrete actions.


A tree brings so much to our planet. They clean our air, purify our water, protect wildlife and provide shelter & shade. In partnership with PUR Projet our aim to help boost agroforestry in farming communities through habitat creation, climate change mitigation, and ecosystem services.

*L’OCCITANE will partner with PUR Projet to invest $1 to plant 10,000 native trees in North America for every Limited Edition Shea Butter, Honey Harvest, or Festive Garden individual product or gift purchased through November 26th up to $120,000.

L'Occitane best sellers