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Mother's Day - L'OCCITANE

A Mother-Daughter Bond Over Shea

“I love the scent of shea, it reminds me of home and it makes me smile when I remember my mother teaching me how to make it.” – Mariétou

Producers like Salimata are the beating heart of our products; they offer their precious talent and expertise to help us create wonderfully sensorial and unforgettable experiences. Salimata taught Mariétou the process of making shea butter, a secret passed down from mother to daughter that fosters a beautiful connection unlike any other.

Shea Butter Producer, Salimata Soma, and her daughter, Mariétou, Burkina Faso, West Africa

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Hand washing upon entering. (Soaps and hand sanitizers are at your disposal).

A Family Connection Through Immortelle

“In some ways I see Nature as my mother, as she helps me to be productive, to achieve things. In other ways, I see Nature as my daughter, as I care for her and try to understand what she needs.” – Pascale Chérubin, a Producer of Immortelle

On Mother’s Day, we are bringing to light women producers like Pascale who embody and spread our mission by caring for nature as they do their children. By Pascale sharing her passion for nature with her children, it has become an important part of their daily lives.

Immortelle Flower Grower, Pascale, and her daughter, Charlotte, Corsica, France

Mother's Day - L'OCCITANE


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